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DN15 KVS 1.6 , 3/4 in size
Dn15 Valve DHW 20 - 60 °C. 3/4 ext thread
12L for Danfoss Termix HIUs
Suitable for the Danfoss VVX Heat Interface Units.
Cold water filter available at no extra charge
OEM Actuator
For RAVK Thermostatic actuator
DN20 Heating actuator valve.
Wiring cable not avalaible
Suitable for Danfoss Redan HIUs models, 3/4 in size
Suitable for Danfoss Redan HIUs. 3/4 in size
Suitable for majority of Danfoss HIUs. 2 wire actuator
15-70 EUX3 1000mm
Length: 80CM Approximately
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